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Roof Repair

Whether your roof has sustained long term damage or damaged in a storm we’re here to help. We have dedicated teams for repairs in and around Northamptonshire and beyond. Our repair services range from a single tile to complete roof refurbishments. We use suitable materials for the repairs depending on the age and style of your property.

Whether you have a listed building, a new build or a public building, we can carry out all types of repairs. Including – lead work, timber work and complete stripping and re-felting of roofs. Our work is approved by all insurers so please do not hesitate to request emergency repairs or quotes. Aside from repairs, we also correct slow growing problems. Including lap vent installation for non-breathable membranes. This often causes major condensation issues, mould growth and eventually timber rot.

If you have a roof problem that needs looking at please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help. Call us now on 01604 833500 or use our online contact form. Or Alternatively head over to our News blog for tips on: How to safeguard your property and the importance of ventilation in a roof.

Storm Damage

Storm Damage

When your home is storm damaged and springs a leak you’ll need a quick response to prevent further destruction. We provide temporary or permanent repairs depending on the severity and regulary work with insurance companies.

Leaking Roofs

Leaking Roof

When your roof springs a leak you’ll need a quick response to prevent further damage. We specialise in locating and analysing leaks in buildings. Whether its a slipped slate, failed flashing or a guttering problem, we can help.

Roof Strenghening

Roof Strengthening

Strengthening a timber roof can become necessary for many reasons. You may find your roof is moving, this can be caused by weight overloading (timbers deflecting), failing rotten timbers, poor design or wind uplift. It also may be necessary to strengthen timbers to add solar panels.

Roof Refurbishment

Roof Refurbishment

Failing roof tiles, inadequate membranes or roof damage? – Does your roof no longer perform or is becoming dangerous? At some point every roof will need to be refurbished. We regularly re-roof existing buildings, and usually able to save at least 60% of slates and tiles for re-use.

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    We had the misfortune of a tree falling on our home and doing a lot of damage to the roof. Swingler quoted us and our insurance company accepted the quote as they were more competitive than the other quotes and the insurance company new of their service. Needless to say everything was repaired to the highest standards. Thank you

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    John Wilks – West Haddon

    Dreaded nail rot causing lots of slipped tiles and holes in the roof. Swingler’s had to strip the whole roof but they saved lots of slates for reuse. Great job all looks good now!

    Star Rating-1 Star Rating-2 Star Rating-3 Star Rating-4 Star Rating-5

    Marnie Cole – Priors Hardwick

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