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Project RUFUS – Rugby Baptist Church

Introduction: Project RUFUS is a part of a large and complex roofing project undertaken for the Rugby Baptist Church. The church approached the team with an urgent need to re-slate the south-facing roofs of the Church and Regent Rooms and subsequently repair the remaining roof due to the corroded nails and water damage that would have prevented the daily use of the buildings. The project required a phased approach, with the worst section being the south-facing roofs.

Roof Stripping and Replacement: The team stripped the roof and set aside the original tiles to use again. After assessing the damage, it was found that 35% of the slates needed replacing. The team sourced reclaimed slates and matched them exactly to the original ones. The roof was then slated, and new lead gullies were created.

Matching Features: The roof had feature ridge tiles, a few were missing or damaged, these were matched with reclaimed old red clay crested ridge tiles. The guttering was also repaired and repainted to bring it back to its former glory. However, it was essential to note that one of the wrought iron ridge features had a historically important filigree and sunray lead detail. The team carefully took these features off, restored them, and put them back exactly as the original ones.

Conclusion: Project RUFUS was a successful roofing project undertaken for the Rugby Baptist Church. The team completed the work on time, within budget, and to the satisfaction of the client. The careful restoration of the historically important wrought iron ridge feature is a testament to the team’s attention to detail and expertise. The project ensures that the Church and Regent Rooms are now safe from water damage and can continue to be used by the community daily.

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